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Why is Physical Therapy Important?

Physical therapy is a medical specialty that focuses on preventing and treating disease and injury. Physical therapists from the Injury and Health Institute work to restore movement and function to people who have been injured or disabled. They also focus on preventing future injuries by helping people learn how to move more safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Physical therapists treat patients of all ages and abilities. Patients with injuries or chronic conditions may receive rehabilitative treatments such as:

Conditions that physical therapy address

Back pain and neck pain

Back and neck pain is common, especially for active people who sit at a desk most of the day. Back pain can be caused by various medical conditions or injuries, including herniated discs, slipped disks, arthritis, and car accidents. The key to treating back pain is identifying the problem’s source and treating it appropriately.

Treating back pain involves treating all of its causes. For example, if you have low back pain caused by a herniated disc, you will want to get your doctor to fix it before it worsens. You may also need surgery on your spine to repair torn ligaments or damage to your spinal column.

If you have neck pain due to arthritis or car accident injuries, physical therapy can help relieve discomfort until your condition improves naturally over time with rest and medication.

Ankle sprains

Ankle sprains are common and often occur during sports. They are also common in people who participate in jobs where they have to stand or walk a lot, such as farmers and construction workers. Occasionally, ankle injuries can be caused by trauma from falls or other accidents.

Ankle sprains can cause swelling, bruising, pain, and stiffness at the joint. If the ligaments that hold your ankle together are torn or stretched, you may experience limited movement at the ankle joint. Your doctor will determine whether you need to wear a cast for several weeks or months and if surgery is necessary to repair any damage caused by the injury.

If your ankle sprain does not heal properly, it is crucial to follow all instructions from your doctor and physical therapist so that you can return to normal daily activities as soon as possible.


Tendonitis is the inflammation of tendons, which connect muscles to bones. When there is tendonitis, the tendon becomes inflamed and painful. In some cases, the tendon may become swollen or rupture.

Tendonitis can be caused by overuse or repetitive strain injuries. It can also occur in people who have had previous knee or ankle surgery. Treatment for tendonitis involves rest, ice packs, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy to strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility.

A physical therapist is a professional who specializes in the treatment of injuries and other disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Physical therapists work with patients to restore movement, correct pain, and improve function.

Physical therapy is a highly individualized treatment approach that involves an assessment of your current condition and goals for treatment. The physical therapist will then use movement analysis, manual therapy (hand manipulation), exercise prescription, and education to help you achieve those goals safely and effectively. If you are looking for professional physical therapy services, contact Injury and Health Institute group.