Sign Your Child Wants to Grow Teeth

Sign Your Child Wants to Grow Teeth

must be really worried when your child suddenly fuss and fever. Maybe that’s a sign your child wants to grow teeth. Well, that also means you have to be acquainted with Amber Buddy!

Many also know, artists who are enjoying being young moms believe that Amber proved to be a reliable new friend of their adorable children. So it’s more curious, right? Come on, acquaintance with Amber Buddy!

  1. Lithuanian family heritage for more than 60 years

Amber is a Lithuanian family company that has worked in the jewelry world since the 1950s. A grandfather named Izidorius was the first to open the way for this company. At that time, he was very famous as a maker of amber-based jewelry necklaces, bracelets, and pendants for women.

Not kept alone, Grandfather Izidorius was happy to invite his grandchildren to hunt amber and teach them to make jewelry. In 1996-1998, despite the difficulty of accessing the location of amber in the Baltic Sea there, the increasingly smaller jewelry remained well sold until it was imported into Western Europe.

Well, from then on, the jewelry by Grandpa Iziorius is popular as amber jewelry for children, especially those who want to grow teeth!

  1. Why do you have to trust Amber Necklace?

As mentioned above, Amber utilizes “Baltic Sea gold” into necklaces, bracelets, and pendants. The amber from the Baltic Sea is the best amber to relieve pain and stabilize the mood. In Indonesia alone, many are interested in becoming this cool necklace reseller.

Unfortunately, there is a real selling amber there is a trick. Well, in order to maintain your trust, Amber always includes a certificate of laboratory test results to see the authenticity of the amber that you ordered.

  1. Is it really effective to overcome the fussiness of the little one who wants to grow teeth?

Guaranteed, you! Amber dared to prove the sophistication of amber as a pain reliever and mood stabilizer. How come? Because amber contains zucchini acid or pain-relieving substances.

So, while other Baltic Proud products are made to enter the mouth of your little one as a toy, Amber jewelry can actually be used as a safe accessory for your little one. Because you don’t need to bite, your baby’s gums that want to grow teeth can stay healthy and awake.

By just touching the skin with amber, your child can feel the benefits. When meeting amber, the skin can immediately absorb the pain relieving agent without side effects. So, your child can freely play and sleep soundly without feeling in pain and not calm because of his cute teeth that are growing.

  1. Made with strong love

Amber really loves your little one and you! They are carefully assembled with amber stones and tied with double tie techniques. So you don’t need to worry about the necklace or bracelet that your little one is wearing will be released.

Also for security’s sake, Amber made her necklace 33 cm long while her bracelet was made 15 cm long. Amber jewelry is also light, you know. Guaranteed, Amber won’t make your child uncomfortable when wearing it.

Amber jewelry is also very strong for years. So, there is no need to worry about having to go back and forth to buy new ones because of damage.