6 Healthy Routine Practices to Embrace After Receiving Braces

6 Healthy Routine Practices to Embrace After Receiving Braces

Having teeth that are out of alignment is a distressing experience. With misaligned teeth, you experience non-uniformity while eating, hindering you from enjoying your favorite meal. In addition, crooked teeth impair your smile feature, thus reducing your attractiveness. Severe teeth misalignment can also interfere with your fluency while speaking, thus making you embarrassed, especially when speaking to your loved ones. Fortunately, if you live with those concerns, Dr. Yon Lai Flushing can help you get advanced braces to align your teeth effectively. After receiving the braces, here are the healthy routines that you should embrace.

Avoid Certain Meals

Some foods can interfere with the effectiveness of the braces in correcting crooked teeth. For instance, sticky meals such as toffee can stick to the brace wires, eventually damaging them. Hard nuts can also loosen the brace wires causing discomfort while wearing braces. Therefore, you should reduce the intake of these meals to keep your braces in good condition.

Brush Your Teeth After a Meal

As a preventive rule, brushing at least twice daily is necessary for healthy teeth. However, after receiving braces, you should brush your teeth after every meal. While wearing the braces, food particles are more likely to accumulate along the teeth due to wires than ever before. Therefore, you should invest in the folding travel brush which you carry with you in pursuit. Brushing even outdoors will help alleviate food debris on braces and prevent cavities.

Use Air Flosser

Flossing your teeth once daily is essential to eliminate the food particle in the areas where the toothbrush may not reach. After getting braces, you should never skip flossing. However, it would help if you made some adjustments since normal flossing can dislodge the braces. Talk to your dentist about how you can get the air flosser which applies air to eliminate food particles between the teeth and braces.

Apply the Dental Wax

Sometimes you may experience irritation in your mouth within the first week after brace installation. You should request your dentist for dental wax, which helps to minimize rubbing between the wire and your gums. Use these products in moderation and increase their quantity with time.

Wear Night Guards

Are you suffering from bruxism? Individuals with this condition usually grind their teeth, especially during the night. Over time, teeth clenching can loosen the braces reducing their capacity to correct the misaligned teeth. Therefore, if you have this condition, you should contact your provider to get customized night guards to keep your braces in good shape.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

A regular visit to the dentist is crucial when it comes to maintaining overall dental health. It is commendable to have an appointment with your dentist at least twice per year. However, after getting the braces, you may have to increase the frequency of dental visits. Notably, through regular visits, the dentist identifies any fault in your braces and fixes them.

Teeth misalignment is the last thing that you may want to have in your life. Improper teeth arrangement holds the quality of your life hostage since your speaking skills are significantly undermined. Additionally, your perfect smile will no longer be there with misaligned teeth. Fortunately, through braces, you can correct any form of misalignment and restore your dental wellness. To boost the effectiveness of braces in serving their purpose, you should embrace the above care tips.