Phentermine Weight Loss Tablets

Phentermine Weight Loss Tablets

Phentermine is the generic name for this drug. Its brand name, Adipex, is the most well-known to those who utilize the drug. Taken orally, phentermine is typically supposed to show results in a short amount of time, though the benefits are largely up to the user. Phentermine is intended to promote weight loss, not to be a miracle pill.

Used as a dietary supplement, phentermine 37.5 mg for sale affects the central nervous system in a manner very similar to methamphetamines. This drug is used widely to help with the serious matter of obesity. It is essentially an appetite suppressant and is commonly used as such. This type of medication is very widely used along with diet and exercise. It is very widely used by those who run the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and even high cholesterol.

While it is a beneficial medication it is not recommended to use without a doctor’s instruction, as overuse of the drug can have negative effects. A common misconception is that phentermine is capable of causing weight loss. This is not accurate, as the drug can help in weight loss but is not a direct cause. Instead it suppresses the appetite, making it possible for weight loss to occur.

Manufactured in capsule from, the pills are oblong with blue speckles that many think are the active ingredient in the pill. Each capsule is around 37.5mg of phentermine, and are to be used as directed by a doctor. A normal dose is one pill per day.

Side Effects

Phentermine is not recommended for those who have an existing allergy to the medication, are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, or those who have a history of drug abuse.

Just as with any controlled substance phentermine does have side effects that can be avoided with proper usage. Effects can range from minor to major in severity, but are it is still recommended to consult with a doctor in case of an overdoes. Minor symptoms can include a decreased libido, difficult bowel movements, itching, hives or welts. Major symptoms are often serious enough that medical attention is needed immediately. These symptoms include chest pain, dizziness, an irregular heartbeat, trouble with fine motor skills, trouble breathing, and even general overall weakness throughout the body. Phentermine affects the central nervous system and as a result can do serious harm to the body in the case of an overdose.

Cases in which phentermine was related to serious health risks and fatalities are few. Most cases that are caused by phentermine include minor to major symptoms that are effectively treated by trained doctors. Overall the drug has its risks, but with proper use does not pose a serious health concern.

Despite being a controlled substance you can buy phentermine 37.5mg online pharmacy in capsule form with or without a prescription. There are many registered and licensed sites from which the drug can be purchased with ease.

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